Automated Risk Management for Corporate Software

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Docio® is a real-time software risk management platform unlocking your data to deliver full visibility, continuous intelligence, and actionable insights.

Finally, a platform designed to embed risk-based thinking in decision-making to support desired outcomes, business alignment, prioritization, and communication of software's value to the business.

Drive digital growth while protecting the business, your brand, and your customers

Docio® enables software operational oversight and risk management company-wide. From governance across decentralized portfolios to staying ahead of third-party risks, we help you proactively manage software risk to achieve digital excellence, growth, and sustainability.

Safeguard your software assets to achieve peak performance and reduce risk of operational disruption

Whether you want to start managing risk in your most critical software assets or your entire software portfolio, we have the right people, processes, and technology to help. Our software risk capabilities provide company-wide transparency to proactively balance risk and focus on opportunities.

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Discover hidden opportunities

achieve company-wide visibility without changing workflow or existing tools

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Smarter decisions, faster actions

connect people to comprehensive knowledge to de-risk software portfolios

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Risk-aware teams work better, together

improve productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness—accelerating software agility

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Drive performance and better outcomes

unify IT, security, and finance teams with clarity, continuous intelligence, and accountability



Solutions to align Digital Business and Financial Goals

Efficient Data Management

Generate cost savings and talent productivity by automating data management.


Reduce Costs

A consolidated portfolio ensures clear goals to prevent costly misalignment or risk occurrences.


Automate tasks & manual processes to create accuracy and avoid human error & uncertainty.


Anticipate Vendor Risk

Proactively manage third-party relationships and lower exposure to unpredictable risks.

Operational Risk

Deliver continuous cross-silo intel to proactively manage software portfolio risks.


Deliver Smart Visualizations

Deliver an enabled digital culture with business-aligned risk decision-making.

Software Risk

Engage software decentralization to drive enterprise-wide digital effectiveness.


Avoid Fines & Stock Value Drops

Mitigate security threats to protect company revenue, value, and reputation.

Software Risk Management

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