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Software Risks Are Growing

Every company, large or small, relies on an ever-increasing portfolio of custom software, SaaS, and COTS applications to run its business. And, every company has tremendous business, financial, security, and regulatory compliance risks in their software and product development portfolios.

Today, everyone is learning to code and more software is being created outside of IT governance, driving massive decentralization of ownership. Risks are immediate, and accelerating, as you increase your dependence on software.

Software risk is REAL — Why?

Companies are still dependent on humans to find and reduce risk. This is an impossible job for humans as software portfolios grow. Humans simply have no way to turn this much information and complexity into TRUE insight and manage it — in real-time. The challenge:

  • Decentralization and Agile development

  • Growing complexity of decaying and new software

  • Fragmented development tools and data explosion

  • Pace of business and technology change

  • Open-source software adoption

  • Multi-cloud environments

    • Container-based microservices architectures

    • Massive size of software products

    • Dependency on hundreds to thousands of products

software is a black box
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Prevention is key!

A single product can carry hundreds of millions of dollars in direct and indirect risks and costs. Consequences are devastating and a brand may never fully recover. Failure to mitigate risk results in a continuous cycle of everything impacted. The result:

  • Suboptimal, destructive, or lethal decision-making, strategies, planning, and financial performance

  • Poor business outcomes

  • Loss of revenue and profits

  • Unsustainable rise in software costs and risks

  • Critical product downtime

  • Halt of business, IT, or software operations

    • Dissatisfied customers

    • Data or system breaches & information loss

    • Unproductive employees


Docio® — The Missing Piece

Existing IT and development tools focus too heavily on technical elements of a company’s software portfolio. Until now, there has been no focus on quantifying software risk for the business.Today, you have Docio®...

  • Docio® offers a real-time platform providing continuous intelligence on software portfolio issues putting every business at risk

  • Docio® offers an enabled digital culture with humans spending more time acting on critical, TRUE insight

  • Docio® offers insurance and piece-of-mind for software-enabled companies

software risk intelligence

Docio® Origins — Proactive Software Risk Management

Docio®'s platform is technology originally developed by feature[23] on real-world experience for deep software engineering governance. Combined with research from Microsoft, IBM, Gartner, MIT, Capgemini, and McKinsey—resulting in Cadent—an analytics solution first delivered in 2015 to manage effective software delivery. In 2016, the company released Docio®, capable of continuous monitoring and real-time intelligence beyond software development analytics. Experience gained resulted in the Software Risk Management platform, released August 2017.

Today, Docio® completes the Digital Risk Management (DRM) value proposition with a purpose-built platform offering Software Risk Management (SRM) solutions. 

Why Docio® — Insurance for Software-Enabled Companies

Docio® was built by software industry experts with deep domain knowledge — a highly qualified team of software engineers, product designers, and data scientists with years of B2B SaaS product development experience. Together, we’ve built a Software Risk Management solution with industry-leading performance, scalability, depth of insights, and smart visualizations.