How easy is it to start discovering hidden
opportunities in your software portfolio?

Using patent-pending technology, Docio® automates manual processes through measurable methods and tools supported by a risk-aware digital culture and enabling technologies to manage software-specific risks. The platform-based approach enables a consolidated view and a coaching framework through context-aware software governance and software risk ownership.


Connect the apps, tools, and services you already use

Docio® enables you to quickly get up to speed with minimal effort leveraging your existing software tool investments for collaboration & project management, time tracking, development, security, quality analysis, cloud platforms, and more. 


Reconcile assets into modern product management models

Discover unmanaged assets and map their contextual relationships to build a holistic view of all your products and their supporting services, technologies, and dependencies for crucial visibility into accountable product & portfolio management.


Deliver important insights. Decide. Act.

Drive business performance and improved outcomes through automated Software Risk Management, delivering continuous intelligence in real-time, operationalized across our categories of insight for the right people to take proactive action.

Within an hour...

Start turning disparate technical data into comprehensive business knowledge. Avoid costly and long implementations to begin getting instant answers to critical questions, today!

Not Disruptive

No need to change how your employees work with yet another tool, keep working the way you used to, but smarter.

"Wow. Docio just works!"

Fast & Easy

Get a clear understanding of what it is going on inside your software portfolio straight from the processes already in place.

"I can just log in and take immediate action. Now that's instant value."

Not Time-Consuming

Insights right in front of your eyes without extra work. Shift from data gathering logistics to consulting and guidance.

"My top talent no longer has to gather or analyze data and can focus on better things."

No New FTEs Necessary

While many tools require new teams of FTEs to adopt and support yet another manual process, it's not needed here.

"You mean we don't need more expensive resources?!"

Take advantage of our Software Risk Management platform and get the facts on your risks today

Docio® consists of a suite of specialized Software Risk Management (SRM) solutions powered by an underlying insights engine and analytical platform. Each intelligence solution focuses on specific risk areas of managing the business of software — including expense and TCO impact, security threats, software governance, sourcing alignment, and asset management.


Multisource, Real-time Data Transformation
Automate software risk and governance, enhancing Digital Risk capabilities to protect your business

Docio®'s proprietary Discovery and Scanner technologies are the foundational ingredients for real-time software risk intelligence, enabling better speed and agility into modern software product and portfolio management. Docio® Discovery and Scanner are the trusted building blocks to drive change with awareness, responsiveness, security, measurable governance, and a management platform cascading clear strategies and goals, company-wide. 

  • Continuous data analysis

  • Inventory and asset discovery

  • Technology cataloging per product

  • Vulnerability mapping

    • Streaming data from any source or any tool


Pre-Built Software Risk Intelligence Suite
Centralize software risk and compliance for peak performance and results

Deploy our award-winning suite of software risk intelligence in days to turn risk insights into timely decisions and actions for both the present and future. Our extensible solution gives your business immediate access to robust insights for addressing risks, prioritizing actions, and creating remediation guidance that considers future consequences of decisions made today.

  • Actionable visibility and governance

  • Proactive risk and vulnerability monitoring

  • User-friendly, non-intrusive deployment

  • Single pane of glass view

    • Strengthed risk avoidance posture

    • Plug-and-play, API-enabled architecture


Insights-Driven Software Risk Management
Continuously monitor, govern, and predict your software processes to best practice in real-time on every product, across every portfolio

  • Governance Builder

  • Risk Program Maturity Guidance

  • Insights config-completeness coaching

  • Insight Alerts and Prescriptive Insights

    • Predict and prevent issues with criticality and impact guidance

    • Executive Intelligence Dashboards

    • Complete drilldowns from Org-level and Product-level

How Docio Works