Docio changes everything you think you know about software

Docio is on a mission to help enterprise, development services, and government agencies take the business risks and unnecessary costs out of everyday software initiatives, and prove that software is driving business growth. 

As the world’s first Software Governance Platform™, we’re accelerating the future of the global digital economy – helping organizations transform how they engage with code, tools, people, applications and vendors.

Our cutting-edge product portfolio intelligence and software development analytics empowers organizations with the right metrics to make smarter decisions and streamline their Software Business Management.

For the first time ever, powerful monitoring dashboards, key performance metrics, and drillable reporting to provide complete visibility into the health of software assets and transparency to manage software initiatives successfully; instead of chasing surprises. Plan, track, and collaborate in real-time and finally hold product teams, development services, and software vendors to a respectable level of accountability.

Docio’s singular source of truth can be implemented with little participation from IT in days, not weeks or months.


Built by industry experts with deep domain knowledge

Meet our executive team. We are a finance geek, a Navy Vet and a forensics expert (nobody gets away with anything); a software architect, a technology executive and an MBA. We’ve spent our careers in software and now we're bringing our success to make software data relevant.

Prior to launching Docio, the founders grew a successful product development firm, feature[23], working with startups, aggressive growth, and large enterprises across all industries. Since the firm's inception in 2008, they have been the premier product design and engineering company in the Southeast. Their success is credited to the company being comprised of highly experienced industry professionals, building software that matters to the business, and thought leadership. Their superior digital technology and software success is now the foundation of Docio.



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