Top-Down Visibility, 
Bottom-Up Accountability

With software portfolio insights to make it easy to understand the big picture, including cost drivers, quality issues, and potential risks for all products down to the individual software developer — executives and managers have the facts to be confident in leading their teams to success.

Development Oversight | Vendor Management

Continuously monitor critical applications delivered by internal or external product development in an integrated platform. Review and manage work across all teams in the portfolio in adherence to service level metrics, operating performance, quality requirements, and software governance, all in one place. 

  • Proactively manage against software cost overruns, schedule slippages, vulnerabilities, and liabilities
  • Single interface with accurate insights between internal enterprise staff and all third parties delivered quicker than manual reporting through real-time analysis
  • System-of-record for real-time and historical accountability tracking and monitoring available on-demand
  • Measure key performance metrics and requirements delivery against business and product outcomes
  • Software maturity best practices built in the form of visualizations and oversight dashboards so you can focus on what's next to be successful, instead of who's right
  • Understand consumption and costs to align product strategy with internal staff or vendor capabilities
  • Identify training and upskill opportunities with departments or individual employees

Quality & Risk Management

Influxes in crash reports, rapid changes in key indicators, or large changes to sensitive components? Get notifications about risks, track and discuss situations, and take proactive action. Communicate and compare quality best practices and impact of decisions to improve the way you work on software.

  • Spot trends quickly to diagnose quality issues and forecast what will need attention
  • Drill down to find detailed information all the way down to software application and individual performance
  • Proactively track delivery and standards to measurably improve quality and lower risk
  • Easily adapt software governance and audit reporting to the upcoming regulatory environment
  • Data-driven reporting to assess dips in code quality, increases in defects, or spikes in technical debt
  • Surface bugs and defects you cannot see coming to help exceed customer expectations
  • Advance warning and faster response time to potential risks in applications or delivery

Work Planning & Improved Software Economics

With real-time software financial, execution, and operational analytics, our customers can effectively manage spend, profitability, and overall performance. Combining intuitive information gives the visibility you need to bridge the communication gap among stakeholders and drive financial success. 

  • Manual reporting and analysis is automated, predicting tasks and leaving increased capacity for software development and operational improvements
  • Know the true costs of projects, applications, cloud hosting, labor, and development services
  • Reduce resolution times to focus on building, not troubleshooting
  • Grow profitability through the right investment in the right strategies and products
  • Standardarize and replace hidden processes with automation
  • Economy of scale eliminating time-consuming excel spreadsheets and reducing manual processess
  • No capital expenditures or ongoing software maintenance required
  • Understand and respond to technical debt appropriately

Collaborative Analytics & Reporting

Why spend weeks and months collecting data, analyzing it, and meeting about it? Connect data from all your other systems, capture enterprise and third-party information, and visualize contextual insights that matter right now to bring Software Business Management to a whole new level. 

  • Eliminate dispersed and disparate reporting systems and measure costs, quality, and risks quantitatively
  • Uncover performance of products, projects, resources, and assets all in one place
  • Robust reporting on status, throughput, activity, and events — dynamic and easy-to-use
  • Enable unparalleled understanding in how your software portfolio is functioning and where to improve
  • Identify ways to enhance processes and productivity across teams, individuals, and partners
  • Apply quantitative techniques to support operations and accelerate initiatives
  • Adapt to changing environments with agility to decrease cost and risk, increasing efficiency and profitability
  • Improve business performance by focusing on facts, not assumptions, in critical decision making