2018 State of The Business of Software

Software M&A is higher than it ever has been. CIOs are in continuous reassessment mode as they change the way they run IT to lead Digital Transformation. Smart software operations is the only way to achieve market dominance and long-term sustainability.

The purpose of Docio®'s research studies aim at advancing the state of "The Business of Software" and help IT, Security leaders, and digital decision makers or influencers gain information to be successful in building world-class, software-enabled companies.  


M&A Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence

Involved in M&A, valuation exercises, and analysis of enterprise software?

The purpose of this study is to advance the state of technical due diligence and establish modern software standards and best practices for due diligence, integration, and divestiture strategies.

This study focuses on money, time, and complete information to increase the success of software M&A integrations.  

CIO Onboarding - First 100 Days


The CIO's First 100 Days

CIOs get one chance to build trust and credibility in their new role. 

The purpose of this study is to advance the state of frameworks, tools, and data for CIO onboarding, providing insights for key decisions, questions, and strategies to achieve early wins.

This study focuses on software analytics and complete data for CIOs to begin their tenure with confidence.

Software Operations 


Software Operations

Software is a key to differentiation and long-term value creation. 

The purpose of this study is to advance the state of Software Risk Management (SRM) and leading practices to help companies excel in product life cycle activities.  

This study focuses on critical innovations for product management, development, and delivery.