Solutions to Overcome Modern Challenges


Software Spend Epidemic

40% (and growing year-over-year) of IT’s budget is (still) held hostage by
the software black box



Too Much To Track

66% of activities are unproductive – battling fires REACTIVELY – rather than innovation and growth opportunities


Development Defects

90% of security incidents result from exploits in software defects leading to 60% of orgs experiencing large-scale failures



Shadow App Dev

everyone is coding across your org and 50% of development is in the shadows – unsanctioned and unmanaged


Decaying Technology

52% of critical software portfolios are rapidly aging – getting more expensive to support, operate, and maintain



Gut Feels & Guesswork

70% of transformational software initiatives fail due to lack of real-time measurement, understanding, and steering to success


Solutions for your Challenges

Business, IT, and Security executives are struggling to connect, understand, and optimize software outcomes at scale. Our platform and solutions empower people to tackle your challenges with TRUE insights designed for how they work, without slowing them down.

Gain Visibility

Unify people, policies, processes, software, and strategy around a common language to drive better strategic risk decision-making and agility

  • Software Vendor & Outsourced Development Risk Management

  • Software Vulnerability Risk Management

  • Software Compliance Management

  • Product Lifecycle Management Planning

  • Software Governance & Policy Risk Management

  • Software Audit Management

Simplify Growing Complexity

Align software to business priorities — engaging stakeholders to drive accountability, efficacy, and improved business and operational outcomes

  • Insights-driven software risk management

  • Outcomes-driven software product and portfolio management

  • Governance-driven organization-wide alignment

  • Economics-based, risk-aware decision-making

  • Fact-based, performance-driven strategic sourcing alignment

  • Continuous, real-time software risk intelligence

Empower Decentralization

Coordinate, oversee, and drive business change and innovation across the entire organization with fiscal accountability

  • Multisource inventory and asset discovery and intelligence

  • Technology and dependency cataloging all the way to code-level

  • Vulnerability mapping to every product

  • Enable business alliances and digital learning through risk program maturity

  • Align processes to best-practice, measurable governance at scale